the process.

Executive & Leadership Coaching 

Communication / Performance 

We work with you to address both pain points and gain points.

Before we remark, we listen. 

We listen to the executive who needs to engage a coach. 

We listen to the leader who will be a coaching Trustee.

We have a system for discovering your expectations & goals

AND for matching the best coach for the team member. 

Our Trust Process zooms in to identify contradictory concepts that may be blocking transformation.

And we are all about creating a clear path for moving & change. 

The Genieus Team has a straightforward approach to helping people move from here to there.

You design the “there.” 


We are humbled by each client who trusts us. 

If you would like to build a relationship, click the Trust button.

We would love to connect with you to share the ins and outs of how we can work with you & your current or aspiring leaders. 

When we connect, we will share with you our strategic proven process to build Trust through strategic coaching. 

Our Company

Founded by Genie Snyder, the Genieus Team is an arm of SnyderRemarks, Inc., and is a group of well-seasoned executives/ coaches who are even more energized when 

people & companies transform. 

Our Office(s)

We are located in the Southeastern US. 

But we go anywhere. 

And heck, we can Zoom wherever!

We love to listen


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