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the process.

Process Streamlining /

Mapping / Documentation 

We connect people & process.

Process isn't perfect. 

It's Ferpect. 

The root word "fer" comes from confer- to carry, bring or bear something meaning to move to another place. 

The suffix "pect" means to reinspect or look closely at something again.

So we at the Genieus Team use the Ferpect(c) approach to streamline processes and systems. When we help clients to Ferpect their processes, we look closely at gaps and ways to close them to help you move where you want to be.

It's not painless but the process gets better as you go. 


We use a very human approach to clarifying process. We bring together people who have different perspectives, functions & expertise from our team and yours to literally or virtually to create a clear picture. What you do in real life is now the same as what's on (digital) paper. And what's documented is what you are doing in real life.

We combine the people + process elements onto paper, even if we have to crumple up a few pages before we get "there."

When we connect, we will share with you our strategic proven process to Ferpect your processes. Practice, not perfect.  

It is a process!

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